Thursday, December 4, 2008

Barbie-Doll cake

This is the very latest product i made. Barbie-Doll cake made for my dear Aisyah, lil couzie who celebrated her 5th Bday last week. Actually, im so impressed with myself because i managed to make this cake. The doll cant be eat but the gown is made up with 3 layered of chocolate and white cake. Then, the cakes were covered by fondant (my first ever time handling the fondant thingy)

And this is the picture where the cake was set-up in the nice transparent box with a cute pink ribbon. Ecah loves pink and i tried to make the cake look pinky.
Ps: Those who interested with this cake, do contact me ya! :)


Miss Nadnod said...
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MyRainbowDiary said...

Cik Izni,

How much does it cost kalu nk order dis kind of cake?

Kene order brape hari in advance