Monday, May 17, 2010

Polka Dots Case for Muffins

Hi my dear friends. I'm sooo happy because i found something cute today at the bake shop. ouch. The Muffin Case! *drools*

For your information, i also bake muffins (besides of cupcakes, cookies and cakes). The flavors come in vanilla and chocolate muffin. With nice blueberry, chocolate chip or strawberry jam filling, i guess you gonna love them.

And, ouh. the case. ahah. I found TWO adorable, cute and simple design of polka dots case. THESE TWO CASES ARE AVAILABLE FOR EVERY PURCHASE OF MUFFINS. ouh, how great is that?

The Blue Vintage

The Pink Preloved

Love them? Just give me a call and order the tasty muffins now! :D

P.s: im working on blueberry cheese muffins and banana muffins recipe right now. hehe.

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Nurain Hasan said...

so cute the case.gud luck izni :))