Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shocking Pink Ladybird+Bee Cupcake

Thanks to Katy for this order. She is sooo in love with pink and we decided to choose shocking pink for the base and decorated nicely with cute fondant creatures, ladybird and bee. This set of 40 cupcakes was specially made for her niece's birthday party. Some of them had been decorated with Barbie printed image icing. May God bless you always, dear lil princess Yana! :D


ieda syakilla said...

salam iznie...
boley betanye?
lau 40 cupcakes nie, bape ek price die? nmpk sgt2 menarik la...:))

-lalink ieda-

nuruliznie said...

hai syakila. sory coz need to post here about the price thingy. thanks ya lawat blog Chirpy cake. btw, if u really interested with the cuppy, you can give me ur email then izni akan bagi quotation harga ya. tq darling. its ok, tanya je pon boleh. tak kesah

email me at