Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Customers, can you help me?

Im sorry for not updating this blog. Its been a while I think due to LOADS of assignments and final exams T_T. I felt so guilty to those who their email been neglected by me. Im really sorry to Miss Eyzarty. Wish you can contact me again and I will make the most fab cupcakes ever, just for you dear. Huhu

And please my dear customers, do confirm your order a week before (unless you meet me f2f) because sometimes I had some difficulties to online, and late checking your emails. If (IF) you have my personal number,text me, then it is ok to order 3 days before. I just want the best for you guys so hope you can cope with me very well ya :)

This upcoming Friday (9 May 2009), I will make the Barbie cake for a lil cute customer. Need to shop fondant and other stuffs (Im so damn busy and have no time to visit BAGUS, miss the vanila aroma in that outlet,hehe) .

Just now, I went through the checklist for this Friday. The only thing I dont have and cant have it back, my damn beautiful camera (to snap picture of the cake, sob T_T) . Urgh. Need to lend camera from my friend.

So friends, wait for the barbie cake update ya. Will see you again! (with beautiful story about cakes and cuppy not like this crap post :D)

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